Got A Full Sales Pipeline? It Might Just Be Clogged!

A sales team gets new business, grows existing customer base, nurtures relationships with qualified prospects etc. However, they believe that a full pipeline is a healthy pipeline.

Not necessarily so.

Traditional Sales Funnels Attracts Business

The job of a salesperson is to find qualified prospects and then get them moving though the sales funnel as fast as possible. This is the recipe for more sales and higher income. This structure has remained pretty much the same for many years.

The opening at the top is wide, and there’s a skinny tube at the bottom. Old-school prospecting methods crammed all the prospects they could find up-top the tunnel. The trouble with this approach is that new clients don’t just magically pop out the other end.

It takes a lot to turn a qualified lead into a bona fide sale. Sometimes, prospects drop off along the way; they lose interest, or become disqualified in other ways. It is important that salesperson does not get discouraged by these small losses and continues the good prospects along the sales funnel, ensuring that it continues to flow freely.

But The Metaphorical Pipe Can and Does Get Clogged!

Sales teams can be so focused on getting prospects into the sales funnel; they don’t even think what they’ll do once it has happened. It is important to ensure that prospects continue to pay attention and pass through as quickly as possible.

However, prospects can easily lose track of their momentum, get weighed down, and lose interest due to incessant sales speeches etc. When this happens, the progress through a sales tunnel can come to a dead stop.

It doesn’t matter how many prospects flow into the funnel, if they fail to flow out quickly and effectively. A clogged pipeline leads to fewer sales, lesser profits and all the other problems that come along.

A Successful Sales Pipeline = Effective Sales Techniques

Stagnant sales leads end up in inaccurate sales projections. In order to unclog that pipeline, you need tools, resources and sales techniques that keep things flowing freely. One of the most important aspects of a successful sales funnel is that only the most qualified leads are put in it, saving a lot of time and effort for all parties involved.

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