How Ringless Direct-to-Voicemail Drops Can Benefit Debt Collectors

Debt collectors are looking to increase cell phone penetration – but the TCPA compliance fines and other similar intricacies can put them out of business, quick.

We have an innovative technology that is worth a serious look.

The Trouble with Cold-Calling

It can be extremely inconvenient for consumers to get calls from debt agencies at odd hours during the day. This leads to complaints, lawsuits and eventually expenses that could have been avoided. To top it all off, live associate calling is expensive anyway.

Ringless Voicemail Services to the Rescue

Direct-to-Voicemail Ringless Broadcasting can help marketers, debt collectors, and anyone else with the need to connect with thousands of people via their phone, regularly.

The simple-to-use, effective service can send a voicemail to consumers fast – without ringing the phone and without charging for the call. And most importantly, without causing them distress or leading to complaints!

Straight to voicemail solutions technology are compliant with TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA regulations, even taking them a step further – by never really being a part of the wireless network at all.

So yes, straightforward delivery of pre-recorded messages to voicemail seems to be the only answer to all your telemarketing and cold-calling woes.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Ringless voicemail technology has been around for a while, but it hasn’t caught much traction. Truth be told, there have far more attractive and impressive methods of marketing so far, that it never really got the attention it deserved. But the strict compliance issues and regulations made the needy go out and look for options that could help them. And the result was voicemail that don’t ring!

Over a million messages per month are delivered without complaint, giving the technology some very effective real-world applications. There have been absolutely no court cases or FCC rulings that have indemnified the technology. This is an exciting, robust, problem-free delivery of thousands of messages, and your messages could be among them too!

Are You Ready For An Unfair Advantage?

Very few businesses have stumbled onto this lead generation, marketing and consumer acquisition technology. This is a great time to take it for a test drive, and figure out if the ringless voicemail delivery system is a good fit for your organization.

Get in touch with us today, and lets set up your ringless voicemail drops.