How To Truly Emphasize Customer Engagement And Not The Number Of Their Clicks

The click is not the end goal; it is merely the first step toward creating relevant engagement and a strong customer relationship. 

In the fast paced world of digital sales, ensuring customer loyalty has become more important than ever.

This digitization has severely impacted the advertising strategies as well.

A study referenced by a Microsoft report found out that “consumers are 25 times more likely to spend meaningful time on an ad than they are to click on it.” Many other in-depth studies, such as this ComScore report, have also found that there is absolutely no relationship between how people react towards a brand and the number of ad clicks for that brand. Studies like these clearly acknowledge the impact of ads, in spite of the CTR.

Relevant Useful Content Is More Effective At Raising Brand Awareness

It is becoming increasingly important, especially for the ecommerce industry, to work at holding onto the attention of their viewers. Momentarily grabbing their attention isn’t enough to qualify sales anymore. The need is to create an engaging, exciting and informative customer experience for them.

Engagement is more valuable than clicks on your ads or blogs posts. It is a better measure of their effectiveness as well. Once a reader/viewer engages with you, whether they click or tap through, doesn’t hold a lot of importance. They are, after all, engaging with high-quality content/media, building a better opinion about your brand as you help enhance their overall browsing experience. This trend has far reaching implication for brands, and their sales.

Ensure That Your Brand Recovers Quickly From the Click Crisis

Higher click through rates are a fruitless pursuit. It has turned the online advertising game into an arms race that isn’t leading brands anywhere, making it a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. Ad-killing applications can be found aplenty across the internet. From removing YouTube ads to ensuring a more ad-free mobile browsing experience, these apps help prospects ignore your online advertising altogether.

This makes it more important than ever to find other, more productive avenues for finding qualified leads that can easily be turned into buyers. Take a look at our ring-less voicemail drops for more effective, less intrusive marketing.

So instead of inundating your target audiences with generic advertisements that hinder their browsing experience, give them a more immersive experience that engages them with your brand in a meaningful way.

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