Marketing Is Only As Effective As the Engagement It Inspires

Every marketer’s goals are to find new buyers and convert them into brand advocates for life.

They also want these new customers to influence their personal and professional networks and refer new leads, making the marketer’s job easy.

The era of mass marketing and advertising is pretty much over. Gone are the days when we talked to people for a moment in time, i.e. using TV and newspaper advertisements. Now is the time for engagement marketing where we need to learn more about our customers on a personal level and connect with them over a lifetime, engaging them for as long as possible.

The Importance of Engagement from the Marketer’s Perspective

Think about it for a while: Would you want to interact, let alone carry out business, with someone who is hard to get hold of and difficult to speak with? If they stereotype you with thousands of other customers and, can’t stop talking about how awesome their friendship (or business) is, you will want to stay away from them sooner or later!

On the other hand, when a business treats you the same way your trusted friends do, you will want to go back to them over and over again!

Engagement marketing helps businesses understand their customers intrinsically and create better targeted campaigns that deliver more leads and higher sales.

A New Definition of Engagement

The trouble is that most marketers want results to be measureable.

When trying to gauge engagement, they have an action-oriented focus and believe it can be measured by the number of new purchases, renewals, etc.

Very few marketers seem to understand that engagement is really an emotional brand building tool. More than purchases and renewals, it measures the emotional connection and awareness your leads have regarding your brand.

We believe that, ultimately, engagement is fast becoming the new basis of competition. Previously, organizations competed on price. Then came brand awareness and companies tried to one-up each other to enhance their brand awareness. Later, it was about creating a special customer experience. And now is the time to get to know your customers on a personal level.

With the advent of marketing tools such as Snap Chat, Instagram and other social media avenues, it has become entirely possible to get personal with your followers and clients.

Are you ready to build a continuous relationship with your prospective clients? It is indeed an exciting time to be a marketer!

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