Statistics Show the Effectiveness of Telemarketing as a Lead Generation Channel

When it comes to B2B marketing, there is no denying the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization.

However, lead generation is also imperative for effective marketing, coming in at a close second according to a marketing survey released last year by Capterra.

One of the most efficient methods of lead generation is telemarketing. It significantly helps marketers contribute up to 50% of all sales generated – provided it’s utilized the right way.

Telemarketing Helps Establish A Beneficial Relationship!

The business world has braced telemarketing as great way of finding out more about products and services required.

In fact, the most successful B2B lead generation results are garnered from executive events, telemarketing, tradeshows and conferences, as well as email or e-newsletters.  So there is no denying the fact that it ranks high.

According to a June 2012 survey, telemarketing also has the highest prospect response rate among direct marketing channels: telephone (8.21%), direct mail (1.28%), and catalogs (0.94%).

The effectiveness of telemarketing can be contributed to the fact that it helps establish a relationship via, what is quite possibly, the easiest medium of communication outside of face-to-face contact. This helps in the acquisition of high quality leads that can turn into sales quickly.

Telemarketing Is Not an Easy Process

The best telemarketers put in a lot of effort and planning even when calling up a qualified list of contacts.

They work with these clients patiently, leading them through the process, understanding their goals and monitoring the entire telemarketing campaign, ensuring that it is capable of successfully leading many people into the sales funnel.

Here at PearLeads, we work with businesses to help them locate contact information for possible leads in their target markets.

We also offer a range of products, among them are our ringless voicemail message drop solutions to help businesses get one-up on traditional methods of telemarketing.

A recent DMA report conveys that telephone marketing may have the highest costs to offset the high response rates, at nearly $78 per order or lead for a house list, and $190 for a prospect list. The ringless voicemail drop service can help significantly recover the costs with effective solutions that leave your prospects with a well-crafted message in their inbox without ringing the phone.

Despite being one of the oldest forms of marketing, telemarketing still retains its value and thanks to a slew of latest technologies that complement its methods, telemarketing is here to stay.

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