Tried and Tested Lead Generation Tactics to Jump On

Many online businesses incorporate lead generation tactics like Facebook ads, email marketing, and other similar ones into their marketing mix.

However, some creative and innovative lead generation strategies have proven to work time and again, and are widely respected by marketers as go-to tactics.

Not only do these lead generation ideas deliver effective results, but can help push your marketing campaigns that extra mile, and make all the difference in your results.

While the internet is filled with advice on how to market your products and services online, consistency is the key to success. Don’t fall for every trendy lead gen idea you see out there.

Here at PearLeads, we analyzed data and found that the following three strategies are most effective. If you’re looking for lead generation ideas that will work without a doubt, read on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ve heard it all; they say SEO isn’t effective anymore, its days are past and Google doesn’t like it anymore. And you know what? We still haven’t seen a shred of evidence for any of that!

SEO is used by some of the world’s leading marketers and with considerable success. It’s not just about ranking high in search results, but SEO has now evolved into a complete search dominance package that includes social media marketing as well.

Email Marketing Campaigns

The secret to getting real leads is engaging them with the right content. But timing is important too! When you send this great content straight to their inbox, they are the ones essentially deciding if the time is right or not.

This can help significantly enhance chances of your content actually being read and given the attention it deserves. Email marketing helps you target specific needs of the customer and offer targeted products and services.

Automated Voicemail Campaigns

These are a fantastic tool to get your prospects to sit up and listen. Your script, your voice, and your message get delivered to their voicemail. Use the voice of your CEO or a celebrity and ensure that your message gets heard. Your sales team can’t be everywhere at once, and voicemail gives them a chance to reach a wider audience without wasting time unnecessarily on calls.

Take a look at our ringless voicemail drop solutions that can give you an edge over other voicemail marketers. Now you can drop your message discretely in the voicemail, without having the phone ring.

Have you found other lead gen tactics that work better? Would you like to learn more about our products or services? Get in touch with us today!