About us

Pear Leads has been in the market for more than 30 years, with the aspiration to become the best source of direct marketing for all its customers.

Our History

Since its inception, Pear Leads has been working to prove that it sets its values in transparency and a variety of opportunities for different kinds of business setups. Lead generation requires specific tactics and until and unless the company itself doesn’t understand it, they will never be able to generate revenue for their customers. This is the reason we have kept most of our systems self-run so that clients come and select whatever tools they need in order to further increase their income. We provide solutions to all your lead generation concerns.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe in giving the customer exactly what their company needs. In order to do this, we have come up with innovative ideas that have enabled us to win loyal clients. What’s more, we do not want our customers to be dependent on us for all their needs, so we make them self sufficient by giving them the tools and technologies they require to generate the highest leads possible.

Our systems and products allow for an invaluable insight, along with a vast knowledge for every kind of business setup. It has been our passion to become innovative leaders as a lead generation company and so far we have been pushing forward at full steam. This has all been possible because of the integrity, authenticity and quality of services Pear Leads has to offer.  

What We Value

You! Yes, that is our core value and this propels us to become honest in our communications, transparent in our dealings, push for passion in innovation and provide results-oriented solutions! These are the moral standards we preach and live by. Our aim at Pear Leads has always been to adopt ideas that prompt us towards giving you business that is worth your time, money and efforts.

Honest Communication and Transparency

From the start of our company setup, our forefathers have worked hard to maintain open and honest communication with their clients. They understood the value and necessity of being able to ask their clients of their needs and then move on to show what is possible. This is the reason you will find that Pear Leads is transparent in all of its transactions.

Passion to Innovate

Never before have we been keener to bring innovation to our clients than today. In the competitive market of current times, we see that trend setting is becoming a norm. And this is the reason we want to be at the top of our game so we can come up with new and innovative ideas that set your business strategies apart, giving you the edge over the competition.

Result-Oriented Solutions

What’s the point of hiring any kind of services if they are not able to guide you out of any kind of difficult situation? This is what we live by each day at Pear Leads. We will come up with solutions that provide results within a matter of hours or at most days for you. No more would you have to sit back and see failing schemes or disintegrating designs. We make winning new customers easy!


With us, your first assurance would be reliability and dependability!