Introduction of newer, more powerful telemarketing tools and techniques has led to stricter and more complex telemarketing legislation, making it difficult for businesses to reach their customers. At Pear Leads, we not only offer your business the exposure it deserves with our robust services and solutions, but also offer you support when it comes to ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.   

Violation of telemarketing regulations, such as call filters, time zones, and DNC filters, can expose your business to hefty fines, damaging its profitability as well as reputation. Therefore, at Pear Leads, we offer Ringless Voicemail Drops service that is not only legal, but is also equipped with robust features to help you ensure your compliance with all applicable telemarketing regulation.

Pear Leads’ Ringless Voicemail Drops — Improving Your Reach, But Not Your Liability

Unlike many other conventional telemarketing tools, Pear Leads’ Ringless Voicemail Drop service provides you an effective yet legal way to reach your customers. Delivering pre-recorded voice messages in a ringless manner into the customer’s cell phone voicemail box, the service provides you a direct access to the customer, while keeping your business protected from all kinds of legal liabilities.

Pear Leads’ Ringless Voicemail Drop service is legal because:

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines it as an Enhanced Information Service and has chosen not to regulate it.
  • It involves no direct contact with the customer. Instead, it makes use of a direct landline to landline call via telephone’s company voice mail server, offering you access to the customer’s phone in a legal manner.
  • It’s exempted from Robocalls, Do Not Call Registry, and other FTC and FCC regulations.
  • It does not involve making an active call to the customer. Instead, it makes use of the voicemail server to deliver the message in a ringless manner.

Stay on Top of Emerging Telemarketing Technologies and Regulations with Pear Leads

At Pear Leads, the goal is to offer businesses a direct access to the customers, without compromising customers’ privacy and rights. Therefore, in addition to providing highly effective, legal Ringless Voicemail Drop service, we encourage our clients to stay compliant with all applicable telemarketing regulations to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

When using our services, it is important that you keep the following things under consideration:

  • Do Not Call Lists — Keep an updated record of all DNC enabled numbers to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Duplicate Leads — You do not want to spam your customers’ voicemail inbox with duplicate messages; therefore, keep an eye on duplicate leads.
  • Daily Call Attempts — It is important that you set a limit for maximum daily call attempts to a lead in order to protect your company from legal liabilities.

Want to learn more about Do Not Call lists, ADAD laws, and other telemarketing regulations? Call Pear Leads today to make right use of the latest telecommunication technologies.