Privacy Policy

We understand that your information is important and a matter of privacy for you, which is why we at Pear Leads ensure that whatever information you offer us stays well protected, and is not divulged to third party members. Here is our complete privacy policy.

Your Personal Information

  1. When you visit our website ‘Pear Leads’ whether as a customer, there is some information that is stored in our feedback.
  2. We also require some information from you when you demand our services. This includes name, address, phone/mobile number, company name and email address. If you agree to purchase some of our products then we will also need your billing information like the billing name, address, as well as credit card number.
  3. Cookies and web beacons are information collecting tools that allow us to see what social media websites you use and what is your choice of research on commonly used search engines. The type of browser you use, as well as your IP (Internet Protocol) address is also stored in Pear Leads collection database. We may also store what actions you performed on our website.

How is the Information Used

Pear Leads collects your information in order to find out what are your interests and searching needs. If on the other hand you fill out some form on our website about your personal information, the company will use this to contact you in the future for marketing and promotional purposes.

The information you provide is also used for the upgradation and improvement of our company’s website. The same information is utilized to create personalized marketing for you in order to gain your interest.

Cookies and Their Usage

Cookies are information collecting tool that allow a website to find out more information about visitors on their page. There are two types of cookies, persistent cookies and session based. Persistent cookies stay in the computer even when it has been turned on and off, while session based cookies are the ones that leave a visitor’s computer as soon as one session of surfing a web page ends by closing off the browser or switching of the computer.  

Pear Leads uses both kinds of cookies on different occasions. Session based cookies are used so that individual users can be identified and kept track of. Without their usage, the company will not be able to help with your transactions and online demands.   

Persistent cookies on the other hand, are used in a way that only Pear Leads would be able to decipher them, and only when you purchase some product from the company. The company makes sure that the confidentiality of the client is kept private. You have the right to switch off the cookie but that will restrict your proper usage of services of the company.

Your information that is obtained from the cookies is used by the company for future correspondence.   

Public Forums and Third Party Sharing

Pear Leads will provide forums like chat rooms, blog posts, social media or bulletin boards on their company’s website. The information visitors give on such forums that is of a personal nature can be collected and used by third party visitors without any involvement of the company. It is purely on the discretion of the visitors and the company will not be held responsible.   

Pear Leads stays away from the sharing of viewers’ personal information with any third parties. The company does not trade, sell or rent any kind of informational for educational or promotional means. All billing processes are managed through the aid of third part intermediary by the company, the intermediary is not allowed to retain any information except for billing usage.

Customer data is used only when there is a need for the resolution of some issue or violation of law. Otherwise the company does not share or distribute customer data to even law enforcement agencies. Usernames and passwords are the sole properties of Pear Leads website users and they are responsible for all types of discretion.

Security of Customer Information

Pear Leads is very much concerned and in sync with the privacy and discretion of customer data which is why they maintain the highest form of accuracy and unauthorized access. Advanced tools and software like encoded session identification and extra high alert security firewalls are used to keep all kinds of customer information well protected.  

Privacy Policy Changes

Pear Leads has the right to change their terms of privacy whenever they want, without any prior notice. A notice will be circulated on the website so that viewers may know about the upcoming or applied changes.